Shortfilm | 5min | DIRECTOR´S CUT

A prostitute and her client, a boxer just before her last fight and a rapper, who connects them with the lines of his poetry - inside Zimmer 3(Room 3) tracks outlive time.

The film was made within 72 hours as part of an application inquiry for the filmschool of Baden-Württemberg, in particular for a major in editing.

script/director/concept:Tamara König
editor/concept/producer/production sound: Jonas Wenzl
dop/concept/grading: Andreas Eymannsberger
concept/gaffer: Patrick Neubäck
production: Mariia Deikova
production/2nd AD: Johannes Kirschner
sounddesign: Christoph Eymannsberger
production design: Kerstin Gatterbauer
1st AC: Aidan Don
best boy: Gregor Perle

Janna Ambrosy | Alex Osei | Ron Iyamu | Eva-Maria Weingärtler