Omnis created the most personal device ever. The “Fi” Implant. Connected directly to your central nervous system it helps you to spend a happier, healthier and more successful life. More than 20 years of research are put together to optimize and streamline your daily life.

director: Dominik Bücheler
dop: Markus Wastl
lead 3D artist: Anno Schachner
3D & compositing: Hendrik Fellinger
3D artist: Lisa Ecker
sounddesign: Felix Maringer
electrician: Steffen Schlegel
production assistant: Nina Pintis
producer: Markus Kendlbacher
1st AC: Cornelia Ohnmacht
motiongraphic Artist: Thi Nguyen
sound consult: Tino Schleinitz
production manager: Andre Leubner
editor: Jonas Wenzl
3D & compositing: Thomas Schiefer
gaffer: Pascal Emmeran

more info:Omnis Fi