The fictional imagefilm “Chairicho” solicits a company, that is – in their opinion – leader in the production of sitting accommodations. The spot emerged out of a lightning and camera workshop with docent Stephan Vorbrugg (HFF Munich). It was shot in only two days, plus one day for the concept. The aim was to rebuild the light setup of professional productions and at the same time to satirize it.

director: Oliver Bernauer, Martin Hormann
1st, 2nd AD: André Leubner, Steffen Schlegel
dop: Dominik Bücheler, Markus Wastl

producer: Bianca Bujic, Markus Kendlbacher, Amadeus Zajac
script: Bianca Bujic
storyboard: Alex Wallner
boom operator, sound mixer: Andreas Hornauer, Jakob Schweighart

music & audio post-production: Felix Maringer, Tino Schleinitz
editor: Jonas Wenzl
gaffer: Gregor Müller
best boy: Pascal Emmeran

lightning technician: Veronica Biagi
setrunner: Sandra Lanzl
costume & make-up: Anna Wiechers
digital image technician: Martin Horman